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“Local SEO is important. In fact, 46% of all searches on Google are local. Which means that, if you’re a local business and you don’t have your local SEO in order, you’re missing an opportunity every time someone searches for your products or services online.”

How Building Local SEO Can Boost Your Online Presence

What makes an “online presence”? Essentially, it’s about having the highest-ranking sites citing YOUR businesses’ information along with an optimized website to tell Google where among these listing directories you should be placed. These are sites like Apple Maps, Google My Business, Yellow Pages, to name the most authoritative, though there are thousands of places to do this, though more is not necessarily best practice.

The descriptions must be keyword optimized to ensure that the people searching will find what they need solely based on the information you’ve supplied. More importantly, Google will recognize these relationships and therefore rank it higher in its maps and search results. 

Citations are not enough, however. You need an authoritative and well-optimized website to tell Google your business is pertinent to search queries. 

With being open for operation again, it appears we back to a state of “business as usual.” However, we are very far from it. As businesses re-open while this pandemic moves to its next phase, there are considerations to be made.

The reality is that, for instance, some of your favorite customers are not as loyal as they once were. That tasty hole in the wall people talked about and brought you business earlier isn’t being discussed the same as it was. We spend far less time conversing about the smaller things these days. People still want the product we as a population are still not engaging with each other like before. 

With this absence, people resort back to their trusty cell phones for decision-making. The fact is, about 89% of people search for a local business on their smartphone at least once a week, with 58% searching daily. Type in any search term, and Google then puts together a list of companies based on relevancy, distance, and of course, how much of an online presence individual companies possess. 

Mainly to get up and running, it’s about knowing the little-known but widely discussed combination of efforts to take. Between business listing directory citations, maps integration, on off-page SEO on your site WILL produce more business- bottom line. 

The trick is finding the right group of professionals with the know-how and ability to do all it takes to deliver results in a short amount of time. After those steps are complete, you can spend time on other signaling factors that are more time-consuming yet very important. These things, such as creating backlinks, are certainly worth the effort with time.

Your content must reach your audience

You must utilize phrases and keywords that are going to attract the people you want in your business. Though it gets complicated in all the ways you can do this, the foundation is the same- if you don’t implement certain tactics then your business is only as good as the little bit that word of mouth gets you despite your best efforts.

Local SEO

Is it worth doing it on your own?

It could be! Google has a multitude of complicated influencing factors that play in to how well your site and local business will rank. It’s not overly complicated. but there is a LOT to know in order to be successful. It comes down  to how much time you have available to invest in learning the ins and outs and whether that time will turn into successful site monetization. The chances are you don’t have time to learn it nor the time to maintain it, period. Some things are better left in the hands of others. For some of us, it’s a constant process of learning everything within your grasp and not spending too much time on things that are inconsequential to your ranking.

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how Else do i get my business to rank on google?

Local Business SEO

Get Listed

High authority, high-domain-ranking entities that list your business are imperitive for online presence and exposure for rankability. Equally important is they are a necessity in hosting reviews of your business! Far more users rely on online reviews more so than word of mouth.


Your business needs successful backlinks to high ranking, high domain authority websites. This strengthens your own site's reputation and further strengthens your compliance with Google's algorithm.

Local Business SEO

Keyword Research

There's a big difference between choosing the easy, obvious phrases, and putting the work into being competitive in your keyword endeavors. Extensive keyword research must go in to a successful campaign to determine not only what is useful, but what is just competitive enough to achieve ranking without putting you in the same pool as everyone else.

A Website!

A website is imperative to your successful efforts in fully establishing an online presence. There are innumerable things that can be done to best your efforts, such as local interlinks, map references, and more sophisticated keyword strings. You need a diverse set of knowledge in this!

Mobile responsiveness

More than 72% of Google searches are done via mobile devices. If your website isn't mobile-friendly, visitors are quickly frustrated and will move on. Your mobile site version must be clean and it must be easy.

Speed Is Key

The way your site is constructed and optimized plays a substantial role within Google's ranking algorithm. If it's not light and efficient, two things will happen: people will lose patience with your slow load times, and Google will dock you for not being user-friendly. An exhaustive amount of work is required to assure your site is up to par- from hosting decisions, to scripting, and responsiveness to name a few.

dont have a website yet?

As with many things in life- you get what you pay for and websites are no different. However, it depends on your demands and your business trade. You may be surprised at how affordable your optimized website could be.