windows 10 repair

Windows 10 Repair

Let us fix your Windows repair problems today. We offer a wide range of Windows error solutions, network optimization, and customized If you need additional information or have a unique need or problem set not listed, feel free to call, message, or schedule a call with our booking. More information and convenient scheduling for subscription-based, safe, and same-day remote sessions for evaluating your problem set or scheduled sessions are available.

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Technical Support Packages

Subscription to reach a trained technician any day of the week to either talk you through the issue or fix it remotely. The perfect gift!

Windows 10 fix

Data Recovery

Data loss disasters can be devastating. We recover your files and set you up on a plan to prevent it from ever happening again.

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Virus removal

Is your computer running slowly? Giving random error messages and warnings? Fix these problems before they become unfixable or worse.

windows repair

Basic Setup and Custom Networking

Increase your internet speed and stop the annoying buffering and signal drops. Whether you’re home network needs a traditional router setup, a large mesh network system, or custom configurations- we’ve got you covered. 

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New Computer Setup

Let us handle your new PC setup. We can handle many little-known but needed setup and software implementations.

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PC Tune-Up and System Optimization

Is your computer running slowly? We will assess for free what operating system changes and software implementations need to be made to get you back to full speed!

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Hardware Upgrades

Is your computer tapped out on resources? Upgrade with a bigger  hard drive or blazing fast SSD. More RAM allows you to run more applications and windows at once and all of these are done at affordable pricing. Upgrades are often a better option than a new computer.

windows repair midland

Network Security

Secure your home and home office network and protect your data. We specialize in creating custom router configurations running a VPN, operating system virtualization, sandboxing, custom firewall rules, and more. If privacy is a concern of yours then you have found the right place to help maintain it.


Computer Lessons

Would you or a loved one like to know how to better use your computer? It doesn’t matter how little experience you have- with just a couple computer lessons lessons you will learn a lot and will enjoy the learning process.