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About Us

Our belief is to provide the utmost level of quality computer services at affordable prices. A challenge frequently encountered is addressing the decision as to whether to keep a machine or to purchase a new computer outright. This can certainly cause discomfort and frustration. However, my belief is that necessary repairs should be priced to give the machine owner a far more viable option to avoid that new purchase. We will do all we can to help make the best decision and guarantee your satisfaction always.

Free Constulation / Plan of Action

We will discuss the problems you are experiencing and i will explain the causes, propose solutions, and we work out scheduling for an in-home or remote session

Standard Cyber Secutiry Implementations

Extremely important service in protecting one's digital safety and finances with half the proceeds going to charity.

60 Mintue Remote Session with Telephone Walk-Through

One hour of highly eficient work that the client can see over a shared screen. A phone session at the same time is optional and highly effective.